Home Tasks

  • Fertilizing the lawn. Get a quality fertilizer and use it to fertilize your lawn so can have a lush of green grass.

  • Daylight saving time begins. Honor the occasion by replacing batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

  • Review the contents of your medicine cabinets and throw away dated prescriptions and over the counter medicines. Be sure all medicines are out of reach of children contained in a cabinet equipped with childproof locks.

  • Celebrate spring by cleaning the garage. Hold yard sale, or organize a community yard sale with neighbors. Dispose of paint thinners, household cleaners and pesticides properly. Contact your city’s department of public works to find out the next schedule collection of hazardous materials.

  • Clean the refrigerator, inside and out, with mild detergent. Remove all trays and shelves, wash and allow to dry thoroughly before replacing them. Remove old ice from ice-making tray.

  • Test pressure and temperature relief valve on your water heater by opening it and allowing some water to flow out. If little or no water flows out or it doesn’t shut off, replace it. Bad valves can cause explosions.